Geraldine Yvonne Smith - Printmaker and Mixed-Media Artist - Wirksworth, Derbyshire
About Gerry

About Gerry

About Gerry

All the work displayed on this website is one-off hand pulled originals using a traditional etching press using non-toxic printing methods. All works signed Geraldine Yvonne Smith. Wherever possible I use recycled materials as well as deconstructing old plates to construct new blocks & plates using traditional etching and intaglio methods on archival paper.

My images and working methods have a contemporary experimental twist in terms of abstracted designs, vibrant colour combinations & size of image. I have, however, attempted to amalgamate old and new by remaining true to time honoured fine art printing techniques.

I have a background of experimentation with triple viscosity printing which has developed my use of colour. I have recently started to develop monotype and monoprint unique artworks incorporating original intaglio and relief print techniques.

As a printmaker I find the whole process of working on an abstracted motif, constructing a block or plate and then transferring the image to paper all highly creative. The added tension of the variables and diversity of a finished print adds a touch of the unknown which can be exhilarating as well as frustrating but never formulaic.
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